Awaken now Cradled in God’s love. Here, there is total ecstasy. Arm draped about waist Head in the crook of shoulder Feet and legs entwined Warmth igniting skin In and around With a yearning beyond bodies. Hair entangled turning, Breath pungent with the odor of time The smell of holiness, wholeness, Safety and sacredness. Drawing […]

I am thrilled about Solange Knowles‘ new song “Don’t Touch My Hair” from her album A Seat at the Table.  It is sure to mean many things to many people.  For me it is a reminder of my poem “African Prince” from Love Beyond God: Meditations and the fact that black women and men both experience casual […]

I am thrilled to share with you all the publication of my first collection of poetry/meditations for the Unitarian Universalist Association and Skinner House Books.  There are many people to thank for making this happen, and I will try to capture a few of them here.  Thank you Mary Benard and the Skinner House board […]