Every now and then I come across something that just resonates.  This blog is flying around Facebook for a reason.  It is crazy, but it comes from a real place.  I can identify with some of it having navigated the public healthcare system with my mom entering nursing care 4 years ago.  Please read this and […]

To all of my gun owning friends: I respect your choice to own a weapon and I understand your desire to be able to defend yourself. Those of you who hunt, although I do not condone it as a sport, I understand those of you who live from what you kill. However, I am asking […]

News flash…I have a penis.  I also have testicles.  These go along with being a biological, cisgendered male.  My genitals are fully functional, I see them every day. I am happy with them; they go everywhere with me.  I am grateful that God gave me the body I live in.  But I am not so […]