Back in April we were horrified by the image above.  It seemed like the most incongruous grouping of elements: a black “woman” effigy cake; a white woman cutting the cake; the cake “woman” (played by a man) screaming; the white woman laughing…surrounded by grinning white onlookers.  All of this taking place in Sweden and all […]

“…he has never seen a gay person asked to sit in the back of the bus…” – Bishop Harry Jackson, High Impact Leadership Coalition speaking about an NAACP board member who resigned when the NAACP embraced marriage equality. I recently watched the clip of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) that appears in an […]

Let’s get one thing straight.  Most pedophiles present socially as “straight.”  In fact, most pedophiles are not only identified as heterosexual, but many are parents or in a role of significant trust and their victims are children (usually girls) they know.  Not pleasant, but desperately true (there are too many statistics to quote sources but […]

So, after managing a website, a personal Facebook presence and a business Facebook presence, I finally feel ready and responsible enough to start an official blog…okay, its a basic WordPress blog…nothing fancy, but its a place for me to deposit my thoughts.  We’ll see what happens right? All I ask is no hate.  I’m on […]